I remember the turning point for my marketing career very clearly. 10 years of work experience and 1 MBA degree: I was definitely on a fast-track path to my success. Or so I thought.


3 years into a job for a large organisation and I felt that something was missing. Where was my sense of purpose? 


Blending into a forest of metrics, KPIs and sales numbers, I was doing a good job, but I wasn't as proud of my profession as when I had started.


I put a simple message on LinkedIn on 11 May 2017, offering pro-bono content marketing help.


By the end of May, I had 16 projects.


A vast majority of these projects were from people in my network who were working in a startup, scale-up or a not-for-profit. And it was obvious what the gap in the market was. For a vast majority of such people: 

1. Conventional marketing agencies were inaccessible due to costs.

2. Digital marketing was a confusing and daunting task

3. There was just no time to do things properly.


Working on these projects helped me to develop a simple and repeatable process for using content to tell a brand story - and then attract an audience around it. My approach worked and the "clients" absolutely loved the concepts of co-created, and looked forward to seeing it implemented.


I started Kauntent, for this reason. I started Kauntent to put the odds back in the favour of the underdog.




Because such businesses have a much better WHY than they think

they have a much more loyal audience than they think and

are in a much better position to run a content marketing strategy than the big global corporate next door.


They aren't faceless, they are eager to connect to those who believe what they believe. And they have a special place in any economic ecosystem.

Varun Sarin,

Founder and CEO of Kauntent

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