Canva for Content Marketers

July 25, 2018

What is it:


Canva is a freely available online program that can be used for creating custom designs. You can make social media posts, cover images, cards, ad documents, resumes, presentations and posters on Canva.


What it does well:

  • The platform offers a huge catalogue of templates, fonts, pictures and icons to choose from.

  • The drag & drop feature makes the interface user-friendly facilitating easy design compilation.

  • The dashboard can store multiple unfinished projects and designs simultaneously.

  • Tutorials and tips for beginners to learn how to design.

  • Using the ‘Create a Team’ feature, you can add members and invite them to edit your creations.

  • Connect with a community of designers via Design Stream where you can ask for feedback or comments on your published creation(s).

  • Helps you create brand collateral and marketing material using your brand logo and other elements.  (Premium Feature)



What it doesn't do:

  • Canva is meant for designing images and doesn’t support gifs, animations, web stories or videos.

  • Designs created on Canva cannot be exported to other software (like Photoshop)

  • It doesn’t offer many text styles, gradients and shadows for a more sophisticated 3D look.


How would a content team make use of it?


Canva is great for creating graphics for your blogs and/ or social media posts. One needn’t be a designer to use the platform. The user-friendly interface enables magnificent creations in a short span of time.


Creatives make our content stand out and aid storytelling by adding life to it. Colour and vibrancy draw the reader in and help present our message in a visually appealing manner.


For budding brands and marketers, Canva is beneficial for beautifully packaged creatives, consistency in design and uninterrupted storytelling. In the long run, this will help establish themselves as a clearly distinguishable entity from other brands.


Set up:


1.     Create a profile by signing up through Google or Facebook.





2.     Start compiling the resources for your creative on the dashboard.



3.     You can choose from available designs or set custom dimensions.



4.     For review by teammates or getting their direct inputs, invite them to join Canva.



5.    Once finished, you can make it public for the Canva community or share it on social media. The image can be downloaded in .jpg, .png or .pdf formats.



6.   Budding start-ups and small-size organisations can invest in ‘Canva for Work’ for making collateral according to brand guidelines.






That's it! You're now ready to discover the wonders of Canva!




A word: We're on a mission to build the most cost effective toolkit for the modern day content marketer. If you have a tool that HAS to be on there, send us a note and we'll feature it in our next writeup! Thanks!




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