Kauntent started with a passion and an observation.


The passion: content marketing. The observation was how many fantastic people running small businesses were struggling to navigate a complex digital marketing ecosystem.

You know how they say everyone has a book in them? I believe that every brand has a more purposeful WHY than they think, a more loyal audience than they believe they deserve, and a much clearer idea of where they want to go. My job is to bring out in the open.

I have more than a decade of working in marketing and technology, both with small and large businesses. Bringing the two disciplines together to deliver stories, is something I have learned over the years, and have applied a unique Audience Before Customers approach to FMCG, Financial Services, Music, Legal Tech and various other industries.


Every business has a story to tell, and my approach will get that story front and centre with those who care.


I hope to hear your story one day as well. Here's how to get in touch.

-Varun Sarin, Founder


We believe that content should be an asset, not a marketing cost. 


We believe that your product, business or industry should never limit your ability to find purpose for your brand. 



We believe that being audience-first means keeping your product off the agenda until you have built a meaningful relationship. 


We believe that every person in your company has value to add to your story. No exceptions.



We believe you're a better storyteller than you think you are.

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